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AC for Surgical Rooms
HVAC & Controls

An HVAC System Controller is a device programmed to automate your business by reading signals, controlling valves, actuators, motors, and managing outputs for systems including chillers, boilers, cooling towers, variable air volume (VAV) boxes, air handling units, lighting, and more.

Building Automation

Building Automation System (BAS) is a communication network infrastructure that manages various building services. Key to an effective BAS is having a system that can be deployed to serve new and old building technology as well as small and large commercial facilities. With such well-established automated solutions, competent energy management can be achieved.

Fire Alarm & Life Safety

Providing customers with leading Fire Alarm & Life Safety technologies, application expertise and services. By assembling a project team with vast industry experience and technical competence, D&P Int’l Specialists works with their clients to deliver compliant, solutions which avoid sole-source dependency and assures long term cost competitiveness.

Engineering & Project Integration

We provides a full range of professional engineering, consulting and design services that will allow your company to focus on its core specialties. The company's key business group consist of HVAC Engineering, Controls Systems Integration, Life Safety, Access Control and Security.