Buildings that works 24/7 are tough challenges, we offer smart solutions for airports providing a more efficient and safe environment integrating multiple building management systems improving your airport to be more secure, efficient and productive.

Hospitals – Medical Facilities

Hospital require much more than just temperature control and D&P International Specialists has extensive experience in meeting the unique control needs of this industry including requirements for humidification, dehumidification, lab pressurization and operation and isolation room controls.

Educational Facilities

We believe knowledge is power and through education this knowledge can be obtain. D&P International Specialists focus on providing building automation for educational facilities enhancing comfort and efficiency creating a place where education can be enjoyable.


D&P International Specialists offers Building Automation Solutions for Hotels enhancing hotel operational efficiency, service and maintenance so you can focus on more important things – The guests.

Public Buildings

D&P International Specialists has successfully provided building automation solutions to numerous public and governments buildings worldwide including Subway systems, Judicial Centers, and National Banks.

Industrial Facilities

We focus on providing high lever performance in order to meet today’s building automation and energy efficient needs. Most of the time these facilities required customized programming of control applications, we offer a variety of cost-effective control solutions for each building.

Entertainment Facilities

Our priority is to enhance efficiency and comfort. D&P International Specialists offers the quality required to optimize building efficiency in places where comfort is not an exception, we help creating shopping a pleasure.